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Time to build your Army...

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

I will be discussing effective holistic protocols to be taking during the pandemic to boost your natural immunity.

What a time to be alive! The Grand Awakening. It is clear to see that times are changing and with it so are our perspectives & priorities. As a collective, now more than ever before in our lives, it is time to build your army.

When I say "build your army", I am talking about your beloved and loyal...immune system.

In this dimension there are destructive forces outside of our control working against us in all of the ways they know how. Through the food, water, air, televisions, radiation, propaganda, pharmaceuticals, the list goes on, unfortunately. I won't go into too much detail on the brainwashing and the agenda at play against the humans. Not in this blog post at least. Just remind yourself of this one truth~ a healthy and thriving human is not profitable. And the negative forces feed off of greed ($), power, and control. Writing about these topics might get me dubbed a "conspiracy theorist" and I am okay with that. This is me sharing with you MY truths and the way I see the world.

With so many elements working against us, I believe it is vital to take extra care and caution with the things that are in our hands. What we put into our sacred systems is what separates the good from the great. The mediocre from the extraordinary. Death from life. The choice is yours and hopefully it always will be. Put your health in your own hands and watch your life change.

Yes, there are plenty of poverty stricken precious souls without the privilege of choosing healthy tendencies; I assume if you are reading my blog post, you are not one of them. Another blessing to count.

What is the immune system anyway?

"The Immune System is a vast network of cells and tissues that functions as a harmonious system, located throughout the body in the organs such as the lungs and heart. Its purpose is to protect us from the invasion of the wrong microbes."

In general, our bodies always have our best interest in mind. Truly incredible! It is a matter of providing the appropriate environment for healing to occur and disease/illness to die. Disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment...only an acidic one.

Alkaline VS. Acidic

I learned from a guru/inspiration of mine, Dr. Robert Morse (ND) that health can really be simplified by asking the questions when consuming any substance, "Is this acidic or is it alkaline? What is the pH?"

For individuals suffering from chronic illness/autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, and cancer to those who feel they have their health and wish to hold onto it, this concept means everything. Most people out there have never even heard of this and there is a reason it is not mainstream and advertised. Alkaline is not profitable. If you would like to educate yourself further on the alkaline diet and see for yourself how it has helped others, I encourage you to search "Dr. Robert Morse" on Youtube (I will link it below).

Another pioneer of the natural health world and developer of the alkaline diet, Dr. Sebi, would be a great source to research. Sebi, a natural healer/ herbalist, has cured cancer, diabetes, aids, high blood pressure, the herpes virus, and many other diseases. Just to provide a brief history on Dr. Sebi, he became a natural healer after being cured of all his ailments (asthma, impotency, and diabetes) in his twenties.

As you can tell from what I've shared so far, nutrition through foods (fruits, veggies, herbs) is a major key to a thriving immune system! Here are some of the things I like to go hard on to prevent getting sick...especially during a viral outbreak.

  1. citrus (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, etc.)

  2. pineapple

  3. apples

  4. ginger/turmeric (juicing is my preferred method)

  5. oregano oil (I put 4 drops in a veggie capsule about every other day)

  6. bee pollen & honey (local is best!)

  7. garlic

  8. berries

  9. elderberry syrup

  10. chlorella (algae known for boosting antibody count, promoting weight loss, fighting cancer & other diseases)

  11. cayenne pepper

  12. mixed greens

  13. homemade soups (liquids give digestion a rest and allows more energy to be spent elsewhere in the body perhaps fighting off antigens). I posted my favorite homemade soup recipe on the plant based recipes page of my site. Feel free to check that out!

Nutrition is by no means the only factor to a strong army but it is definitely top of the list. Other pieces to the puzzle include:

-fresh air


-sunshine (Vitamin D)





-low stress levels

-moderate fasting


-good hygiene

-respiratory steams

-deep breathing with essential oils (frankincense is wonderful and I adore peppermint)

-crystals specific to immune support (works on a vibratory/frequency level)

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